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From the words of Pope Francis:

In the consecrated life we live the encounter between the young and the old, between observation and prophecy. Let’s not see these as two opposing realities! Let us rather allow the Holy Spirit to animate both of them, and a sign of this is joy: the joy of observing, of walking within a rule of life; the joy of being led by the Spirit, never unyielding, never closed, always open to the voice of God that speaks, that opens, that leads us and invites us to go towards the horizon.
Homily in St. Peter’s 2nd February 2014.

April 22nd is International Mother Earth Day. On this day we can be mindful of, and active in, reaffirming our collective responsibility to promote harmony with nature at a time when our planet is under threat from climate change, unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and other man-made problems. When we threaten the planet, we undermine our only home – and our future survival.

The topic for 2014 World Health Day on 7th April is vector-borne diseases. These are the diseases carried by small organisms such as mosquitoes, bugs, ticks and freshwater snails. The number of people affected is alarming and many of ours live in situations where the disease is prevalent.


The last province congregation to be held is occurring this month in South Africa from 1st to 5th April. Pray for this gathering and their deliberations.

As we move towards GC’14 let us continue to pray for the Spirit of God to move and live among us. The names of the delegates will be sent to you within this month. Let us hold each one in prayer as they prepare to engage with the broader Institute perspective, with mind and heart ready to engage with the discerning question(s).

Let us remember in prayer all among us who are unwell, facing surgery, making recovery from serious illness or undergoing treatment. Pope Francis said on World Day for the Sick in February: When we approach with tenderness those who are in need of care, we bring hope and a smile of God amid the contradictions of the world.


God of all time and seasons:
we come to you, the God of Spring – the new leaf God, the new life God –
blessed by your creation;
we come to you, the God of summer – the colour God, the growing God –
blessed by your sustenance;
we come to you, the God of Autumn – the harvest God, the richness God –
blessed by your fruitfulness;
we come to you, the God of winter – the waiting God, the still and secret God –
blessed by your mystery.
And so we surrender our seasons into your eternity;
we open our lives to the edges of your timelessness;
and when we come to that place of stillness and silence,
there we adore you.


Risen Lord,
be with me in the power of your new life.
Open me that I may grow in the Spirit
in love and understanding,
in knowledge and self-giving.
Let me receive your strength
that I may accept the trials
which I must endure with you.
Help me to treasure the revelations you bring
of the presence and power of God.