The July 2017 UN Update, English and Spanish, which tries to capture the exciting and positive energy our collaboration with the United Nations and especially the Sustainable Development Agenda is generating both in New York and throughout our network worldwide. You will read about the Oceans’ Conference, our IBVM Sisters beautifully presented reflections, a video on the Oceans from Loreto Students. The Forum for Accountability on the SDGs was another energy filled event in which we participated in different ways. You will find the impressions of a newly arrived intern thrown into the midst of it. We are reminded of the integration of the spiritual development and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. And these universal goals have to be financed if they are to be implemented. Watch the video with impressions on this. You are invited to share your experience to contribute to UN Together: a global campaign to change attitudes and perspectives in our world in relation to persons who are migrants or refugees. And Try out #The Lunch Box Experiment.



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