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August 2014 HOP

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We pray with the Church and the World

 From the words of Pope Francis when asked by a young Belgian girl what message he has for all young people:  We’re all brothers and sisters. Believers, non-believers or whether belonging to this or that religious confession, Jews, Muslims… we’re all brothers and sisters! Human beings are at the centre of history and this for me is really important: humans are at the centre of society. In this moment of history, humans have been pushed away from the centre, they have slid towards the margins and at the centre — at least right now — there’s power, money and we must work on behalf of human beings, for men and women who are the image of God.

On August 9th we remember the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The focus of this year’s International Day is “Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements.” In each of our countries let us pray for our original peoples and the gift of their culture and insight to society.

Another day brought to our attention by the United Nations is International Youth Day on August 12th. This annual celebration highlights the role of young women and men as essential partners in change, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships facing the world’s youth.

 We pray with the Institute

 Close to our minds and hearts at this time will be the members of the General Congregation 2014 as they make their way towards Loyola in Spain later this month. We pray for safety in travel, peace on arrival and openness to God’s Spirit as the process begins.

We pray for all the young people of Mary Ward schools and colleges and informal settings. For all who teach and guide them, all who provide them with opportunities for growth and challenge, we ask a blessing. And for the many who will be on vacation at this time, we pray for relaxation and renewal.

Teresa Ball said Whilst you have the light, walk in it with simplicity. In these times when the darkness of despair with situations in our world can overwhelm and complexity confuse, let us pray with and for each other that the light of Jesus which is our baptismal gift will guide our path and clarify our way.

 One Small Voice

 Go as far as you dare, for you cannot go beyond the reach of God.

Give as extravagantly as you like, for you cannot spend all the riches of God.

Care as lavishly as you are able, for you cannot exhaust the love of God.

Keep moving on, for God will always be with you.

Marjorie Dobson, England


Let us pray

Before us it is blessed, behind us it is blessed,

below us it is blessed, above us it is blessed,

Around us it is blessed as we set out with Christ.

Our speech is blessed as we set out for God.

With beauty before us, with beauty behind us,

with beauty below us, with beauty above us,

with beauty around us, we set out for a holy place indeed.

Traditional Navajo Prayer, North America