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February 2015 HOP

May your Light be reflected in us

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We pray with the Church and the World

From the words of Pope Francis: Look into the depths of your heart, look into your own inner depths and ask yourself: do you have a heart that desires something great, or a heart that has been lulled to sleep by things?… have you nodded off? Do you believe God is waiting for you or does this truth consist only of ‘words’? from p59 Rejoice

Pray for the many opportunities providing ongoing formation in this year of Consecrated Life. May we be hopeful in God’s goodness (Mary Ward) as we give witness in these ever-changing times.

February 6th is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. Let us pray for those whose ministry is in this field of FGM, especially those in the province of Eastern Africa. FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls and women so must concern us all.

We pray with the Institute

Let us pray that the light of revelation will be granted us as we celebrate the feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Simeon and Anna were elderly and had spent their lives growing close to God. Now they meet him face to face and recognize him in their midst.

We pray for Sisters Binita Surin, Malti Lomga and Reshma Minj who made their First Profession on 23rd January in Kolkata.

We pray for the members of the Irish Province and the Institute Consultors as together they begin the discernment during this month for a new Province Leader.

We pray for all in our schools and colleges returning to the academic year or continuing studies. May all involved in education, formal and informal, be blest in their work and inspired to teach and learn skills, attitudes and values for the greater glory of God.

One Small Voice

“Christ himself says, I am the light of the world.

And we are the light, we ourselves, if we receive it from him….

But how do we receive it, how do we make it shine? …

The candle tells us: by burning, and being consumed in the burning.

A spark of fire, a ray of love, an inevitable immolation are celebrated over that pure, straight candle, as, pouring forth its gift of light, it exhausts itself in silent sacrifice.”

Paul VI


Together we pray

O Parent Lord God, may all that we see and experience
lead us to grow in wonder and respect,
that we may value and be thankful
for everything in our lives each day.
Inspire us to choose wisely
and live positively,
and make good use of our knowledge and talents,
both for ourselves and for the benefit of others.