Mary Ward Spirituality

We have as our inspiration and inheritance the charism of Mary Ward. At the heart of our spirituality is relationship with Jesus. Like Jesus we desire to be in tune with God through prayer and reflection on daily experience.

This calls for Freedom —

  • From all earthly things (use, not abuse of creation)
  • For application to good works (in the service of others)
  • To refer all to God (tuned in to God)

This calls for Justice — living in right relationship:

  • With God
  • With myself
  • With others
  • With planet earth

This calls for Sincerity and Truth – being such as we appear and appearing such as we are:

A life of integrity is one of sincerity, without masks or pretence. Joy overflows from the heart of women who are free, just and sincere.

As we seek to be women of freedom, justice, sincerity, truth and joy, we reflect on our daily experiences. We ask: Is God in the happenings and relationships of today? This is summed up in the insight of St. Ignatius of Loyola as “finding God in all things.” For St. Ignatius and for Mary Ward, daily life, the ordinary way of doing things, was viewed as the place where God works. God’s desire for us is revealed in the deepest longing of our hearts.

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