Friends and Associates

In every part of the Institute, members and co-workers are playing an important role and are deeply engaged in sharing mission within the Institute.  In many places they are pastoral care workers, teachers, support staff and education officers, development workers, treasurers, secretaries and archivists, carers and support staff of all kinds.  In some places colleagues and co-workers, past pupils and friends seek formal opportunities for commitment as Associates.

Associates, also known as Companions and Friends of Mary Ward are located throughout the globe.  They are women and men, single and married, young and old, who want to share in the spirituality and mission of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary as their own life commitments permit.

The Associate Relationship differs from province to province within the IBVM.  However, all associates have the opportunity to deepen their spirituality and to learn and live the charism of Mary Ward in the 21st century.

Canada Jeanne Cover  Website
South Africa Mary Ward Open Circle (MWOC) Delmence Prevost
USA Connie Steffen Website