We invite you to share our IBVM life and mission by joining us in prayer. Our prayer leaflet gives special monthly intentions as we pray together for the church, the world, and our Institute.

  • September – October HOP 2019

    September – October HOP 2019

    At the edge It’s scary and breath-taking Living at the edge of lifeRead More »
  • July – August HOP 2019

    July – August HOP 2019

    “…we were unanimously confirmed in our belief that the two branches are being called to take the final step in returning to Mary Ward’s original desire to found one congregation that would “Take the same of the Society.” (From Leadership Pentecost Letter 2019).Read More »
  • January – February 2019

    January – February 2019

    “Peace, in effect, is the fruit of a great political project grounded in the mutual responsibility and interdependence of human beings. But it is also a challenge that demands to be taken up ever anew.Read More »
  • May – June HOP 2019

    May – June HOP 2019

    Holy Spirit, giving life to all life,Read More »
  • March – April HOP 2019

    March – April HOP 2019

    “Let us not forget that Jesus asked his disciples to pay attention to details.Read More »
  • Advent Reflection Booklet 2018

    Advent Reflection Booklet 2018

    WELCOME! Welcome to our humble Advent offering! An Advent Reflection Booklet from Loreto Ministries in Australia.Read More »
  • November-December HOP 2018

    November-December HOP 2018

    Lord Jesus, master of both the light and the darkness, send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas.Read More »
  • September – October 2018 HOP

    September – October 2018 HOP

    “The transcendence that the church preaches is not alienation; it is not going to heaven to think about eternal life and forget about the problems on earth.Read More »
  • July-August HOP 2018

    July-August HOP 2018

    Mission is at the heart of who we are, and love is the driving force that urges us on. IBVM, Constitutions 2.1 Read More »
  • May – June HOP 2018

    May – June HOP 2018

    Pope Francis, whose devotion to Mary is well-known, on Saturday the 7th April, established a new feast for the Catholic Church devoted to Mary as the “Mother of the Church,” to be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost.Read More »