ELM May 2016

Extended Leadership:  These days included input and conversation on —

  • on-going formation
  • leadership and culture (input Pat Murray, IBVM)
  • communication, (input Aurora Moreno)
  • Formation: initial formation, ongoing formation and Tertianship

Pictured in a context of beauty and trust—we journey… Continue reading

28th-29th May

The days are long here in Llandudno.  We have been graced with outstanding sharing these last days.  We enjoyed a special Saturday and Sunday in Mary Ward country York.  We were greeted by our amazing… Continue reading

Gemma Simmons, CJ on Religious Life… …powerful, inspiring, enlightening and hopeful!                           

May 25, we began with Gospel sharing.  Noelle gave an inspiring opening address.  Macarena, Brenda and Igora gave their input on the last 16 months of Institute familiarization and informal visitation.  They spoke of the impact of… Continue reading

Sisters we invite you to accompany us in prayer during ELM days.   You are with us in our discernment and conversation.  We will share with you each day some reflections in words and pictures to help you to… Continue reading