GC 2014

As we celebrate the formal closure of GC 2014 we are happy to share with you our Calls. After Institute-wide discernment and the discernment of the GC over the last several weeks, we feel inspired by the direction of the… Continue reading

Gospel sharing today was taken from Lk. 9:23-26 as we remembered the North American martyrs.

We rejoiced at the election of Igora Pinto as the new Vicar completing the election process for G.C. 2014.

We then turned our attention to… Continue reading

  Joyful greetings from GC 2014 where we are delighted to announce

Igora Pinto

has been elected as Vicar General

 We thank Igora for accepting this role for the next eight years. We know that Igora, Judy, Macarena… Continue reading

In today’s faith-sharing from the Gospel of Luke we hear that Herod is perplexed about this Jesus…he kept trying to see him. Perhaps Herod was threatened by Jesus’power?

The short passage called some to ask, “what makes me wonder about… Continue reading


¡Thanks be to God!

¡Alleluia Alleluia!

Joyful greetings from GC 14 where we are delighted to announce the names of our new General Leadership Consultors. We are very grateful to them for their commitment to this role in the… Continue reading


GC 14 Loyola Spain

With great joy and thanksgiving we are delighted to announce that

Noelle Corscadden

was elected to the role of Institute Leader. She has accepted this role for the next eight years.

We ask… Continue reading

After the Mass of the Holy Spirit yesterday our assembly has settled into a slower and quieter pace for listening to the movement of the Spirit as we move into the period of election to leadership in the Institute. This… Continue reading

On Friday 19th September, many of you will have joined us in celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful introduction to the next stage in our discernment process here at GC 14. The Readings were taken… Continue reading