GC 2014

The Calls of GC14

As we celebrate the formal closure of GC 2014 we are happy to share with you our Calls. After Institute-wide discernment and the discernment of the GC over the last several weeks, we feel inspired by the direction of the Spirit working in our midst. The Calls will be printed with accompanying actions and distributed in the very near future.   GC14


As Mary Ward companions moved by the person of Jesus and the needs of our world today we seek to:, discerning

Reclaim the freshness of the Gospel, allowing Jesus to transform our lives

Bring those forced to live in poverty to the centre of our life and ministry.

Go where the need is greatest

Live sustainably, discerning what is enough

Create the oneness that moves us across boundaries


Acknowledging vulnerability and fragility we turn to Jesus knowing that “…all we need we will find in Him.” (Mary Ward)


GC 2014

GC Update Friday 26th Sept

Gospel sharing today was taken from Lk. 9:23-26 as we remembered the North American martyrs.

We rejoiced at the election of Igora Pinto as the new Vicar completing the election process for G.C. 2014.

We then turned our attention to look at the IBVM-C.J. relationship at our table discussions. Priska Vadakepoondikulaam C.J. aptly started her sharing by quoting the Zeigarnik Effect: any unfinished business will surface again and again. She pointed to us that this issue has surfaced in successive C.J. General Congregations as well. Sarah Dobson C.J. talked about the IBVM-CJ collaboration in the English Province. Following this we had an interesting explanation by Mary Wright who briefly traced the history of reunion in our different branches for all of us.

The highlight of the day was the colourful and meaningful ritual to bless the new leadership team prepared by the Eastern Africa Province. The mantle of leadership was passed on by the outgoing team to the new team in a symbolic gesture.


Present leadership team in traditional African attire  pass the mantle on to the incoming leadership team.

DSCF2217It was party time after this as we danced to African, Irish, Spanish and English songs…..

Tomorrow 27th September is a free day.


GC 2014

Election of Vicar General


  Joyful greetings from GC 2014 where we are delighted to announce

Igora Pinto

has been elected as Vicar General

 We thank Igora for accepting this role for the next eight years. We know that Igora, Judy, Macarena and Brenda, together with Noelle, will experience the on-going support of all, in their Leadership at the service of the reign of God.

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GC Update Thursday 25th September

In today’s faith-sharing from the Gospel of Luke we hear that Herod is perplexed about this Jesus…he kept trying to see him. Perhaps Herod was threatened by Jesus’power?

The short passage called some to ask, “what makes me wonder about Jesus?” In trying to see Jesus or find Jesus, “what are we looking for?”

Now that the elections of the new leadership is over, we can turn back to formulating our goals for the next eight years. We worked in our “Base groups”on these “calls”or “directions” for the better part of the day. It was a wrestling act trying to find that “right”way forward in stating clearly what we have heard from the body.

Other conversations around issues such as “Human Trafficking”and other justice issues  were discussed before the end of the day’s work. One sister said, “somehow we feel more grounded in what we are asking the new leadership to do because we know who they are and now we must focus on what we’re calling them to do.”There was a lot of conversation, re-wording, negotiating and ultimately sending the fruits of our labour off to the writing group.

Keep the prayers coming.


 Guess who’s birthday it was today?   (Answer lies in the land of Aus)











GC 2014

New General Leadership Consultors announced


¡Thanks be to God!

¡Alleluia Alleluia!

Joyful greetings from GC 14 where we are delighted to announce the names of our new General Leadership Consultors. We are very grateful to them for their commitment to this role in the Institute for the next eight years:

From left to right

Judith Nekesa (East African Province)

Brenda Eagan (USA Province)

Noelle Corscadden (Irish Province, Institute Leader)

Igora Pinto (Indian Province)

Macarena Fdez De Bobadilla (Spanish Province)


GC 2014

GC video The Spirit makes us One

After the Mass of the Holy Spirit yesterday our assembly has settled into a slower and quieter pace for listening to the movement of the Spirit as we move into the period of election to leadership in the Institute. This is a profoundly important time in the General Congregation. We are deeply aware of the prayers of the wider IBVM community as well as co-workers, Associates, friends and family.

 Today our faith-sharing focused on the parable of the sower from Luke 8:4-15. We reflected on the significance of seeds landing in rocky soil, thorny soil or good rich soil. As we pondered the way that this Gospel is speaking to us, it was clear that the life struggle to be transformed by the Word is often a mystery. The transformation is not one and done. We are constantly sorting out and praying about how to persevere in the Word so that we might “embrace it with a generous and good heart…and bear fruit. “Together with the fire of the Holy Spirit we aim to persevere and become a beacon of hope for all God’s people.

 So, as the days of discernment and election continues, we depend on your prayers. The slide reflection depict our weeks and days leading up to these quieter days of prayer. We are praying for the grace to be of one voice and one people living in God’s grace that will ultimately bear good fruit and a mighty light for our world. God grant us this reality.

(The song: One Voice by the Wallin’Jennys accompany the slides.)

GC 2014

GC Friday 19th Sept

Mass of the Holy SpiritOn Friday 19th September, many of you will have joined us in celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful introduction to the next stage in our discernment process here at GC 14. The Readings were taken from Ephesians 4. 1-4; 11-16. Luke 11:33-36, 12: 49 and from Mary Ward’s own writings (The Just Soul. 1615). Barb Nelson’s Reflection was particularly inspiring. We are mindful of our Institute throughout the world, together with our co workers, families and friends and we appreciate the power of your prayer as our Delegates continue to discern the movement of the Spirit. The final prayer of the Mass reminds us of our desires at this time:

Spirit of God, giver of Life, moving between us and around us like wind or water or fire, breathe into us your freshness that we may awake. Cleanse our vision that we may see more clearly; kindle our senses that we may feel more sharply; and give us courage to live as you would have us live.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Mary Ward, St Ignatius and all the holy women and men who have gone before us.

Barb Nelson’s reflection Reflection Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Litany of the Holy Spirit (Richard Rohr) Litany of the Holy Spirit