House of Prayer

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“…we were unanimously confirmed in our belief that the two branches are being called to take the final step in returning to Mary Ward’s original desire to found one congregation that would “Take the same of the Society.” (From Leadership Pentecost Letter 2019). Continue reading

“Peace, in effect, is the fruit of a great political project grounded in the mutual responsibility and interdependence of human beings. But it is also a challenge that demands to be taken up ever anew. Continue reading

Pope Francis, whose devotion to Mary is well-known, on Saturday the 7th April, established a new feast for the Catholic Church devoted to Mary as the “Mother of the Church,” to be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost. Continue reading

“Jesus has risen from the dead,” Pope Francis said. “And this is not a fantasy. It’s not a celebration with many flowers [pointing at the arrangements surrounding him]. This is beautiful, but [the resurrection] is more.” Continue reading

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