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Mary Ward Week Booklet 2016

Dear companions in the Lord,
We are very happy to send you the prayer and reflection booklet for Mary Ward Week 2016, edited by Macarena and Brenda 1B VM and Elena CJ, from the two General Leadership teams. In the booklet we have one more concrete example of the desire of both our recent General Congregations never to do alone what we can do better together. Continue reading “Mary Ward Week Booklet 2016”

IBVM Only News

Nepal Tragedy: Noelle and Anita ‘s letter informing us about the situation there

28th April 2015

Dear Sisters,

We are all  very conscious of  all the people who are suffering in Nepal at this time, and particularly of our sisters, colleagues and students affected by the earthquake.   The tremors were felt  throughout Darjeeling, Lolay, Sadam, Siliguri and neighbouring areas, and tremors are continuing, which is very traumatic for everyone.

The good news is that all our sisters in Dharan, Darjeeling, Lolay and Sadam are safe. The sisters in Dharan along with the 17 hostel girls are sleeping outside with neighbours as they are fearful for aftershocks. The communities in the mission houses and Darjeeling are also living with great fear.   Families living in small villages below the convent in Darjeeling have been given shelter in the convent grounds.

Geraldine Moktan’s family in Kathmandu are among the many living in tents with food and water becoming scarce.  Ganga’s family who live out of Kathmandu are all safe. The CJ sisters in Kathmandu are all safe and are also sleeping outside in tents for fear of aftershocks.

While buildings are damaged  what is causing the most concern is that our sisters and people around them are traumatized, watching and waiting for the next quake, unable to focus on anything else.  Water and electricity supplies are  in very short supply and people are also  concerned about family members.

We continue to hold them all in prayer, and when the emergency settles we can assess the damage   to property and see what needs to be done.  In the meantime   we send our prayers and blessings to our sisters in the South Asia Province, especially those close to the earthquake area.

With every blessing


Anita IBVM                          &         Noelle  IBVM

Province Leader                              Institute Leader

South Asia