GC 2014

GC 14 Daily Report 9th Sept 2014

The day began with faith sharing in our “Consensus Groups” based on the gospel of the day.9

The highlight of the day was Fr. Jose Antonio Pagola’s input and sharing: “Back to Jesus, the Christ…” He talked about “renovating” our faith based on the Gospel and urged us to a “sustained conversion”. In the present context of our world with its unprecedented problems the heart of the church needs an unprecedented conversion. He showed us that the priority concern for Jesus was the poor, the captive and the oppressed. He challenged us not just to “imitate” Jesus but to follow and collaborate with him in building the “kingdom of God”. In a light hearted manner of presenting, Fr. Pagola asked us to use our “evangelical common sense” and grow in humility and understanding. We had professional translators for the sessions who did a brilliant job!

In the afternoon we returned to our “Base Groups” to take our discussion further on the Institute Report and share our feedback with the whole group.

The afternoon tea at 5:00 pm was followed by the presentation of the Institute Finance Report by Geraldine McAleer. Time was given for table discussions and questions at the end of the presentation.

We are getting used to the Spanish rhythm of life where dinner is at 9:00 pm and wine is served with every meal!


Monica Suchiang IBVM, Fr. Jose Antonio Pagola and Orla Treacy IBVM