GC 2014

GC14 Daily Report Sept 8, 2014

roomThe Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our first full day of business began with faith sharing on the Gospel reading of theday, Matthew 1: 1-16, 18-23. We sat together in our “base groups” for the first timeprepared to share our reflections on the reading. During the period of silent reflection,you could feel the stillness in the room. Periodic noises from the life of the building crowded in on the silence with muffled sounds of the outdoors, cars, people movingand the occasional coughs from within. After the silence the room buzzed with sharing.

Time passed and after all had an opportunity to share; silence fell in to place again. We closed the sharing with the joyful noise of a gospel mantra, “For the glory of God we aregathered, alleluia forever more!” The room was filled with beautiful voices, drumming and clapping.

Down to business, the Institute Leadership shared “highlights and low-lights” of the Institute Report 2006-2014. The shared presentation involved each member of theLeadership presenting the important pieces of the document that they wanted to drawour attention to. The presentation was informative, interactive and interesting. We had an opportunity to discuss at table then present the Leadership group with questionsof clarification. This was followed by open forum discussion and clarification.

The afternoon session involved the election of the General Congregation Secretary alongwith assistant secretaries and confirmed various important roles for the running of the GC such as Steering committee members, scrutineers, communication committee, finance report committee members and social/hospitality committee. This was followed by formal announcement of our way of proceeding during these meetings. The afternoon session endedwith table discussion again around the Leadership report and other observations.

We could all sense the seriousness and privilege of this work. Stay tuned and keep praying.