8 thoughts on “ELM Day 3 May 26 with Gemma Simmons”

  1. Greetings from Kenya. We continue to pray for you all. We are happy to be able to log in and see your faces and get the bit of news. Gemma and Noelle’s chat was interesting. By the time they had finished the computer had turned both of them on their side. They were both laughing as if they knew it.

    Love from us all here Nuala

    1. Although it is now June 1st I was happy to hear the dialogue between Noelle’s questions & Gemma’s response

      A Mass was offered for you all at Lourdes Grotto on May 29th. Our Lady has no problem working miracles for her
      Mary Ward Institute.
      Hang in there!
      Love & prayer

  2. Greetings from Pretoria! It is wonderful to see you all and so many of the Llandudno folk too……and the beauty both in your opening ritual and in the landscape outside. Be assured of prayer from here. We are still trying to click into the time with Gemma….not happening yet for us for whatever reason. Much love to each one and blessings on the days ahead. Marian

  3. Jambo! Habari! Enjoying being part of your journey these days at Llandudno. Thank you Noelle and Gemma for the sharing on Mary Ward. Praying for you all. Love from all of us here in Valley Road, Nairobi.

    Kwaheri na Mungu awabariki. Wamuyu

  4. Thank you for this way of being connected and thank you each and every one of you for being a loving and discerning presence there together in our name. It is very good to see and recognize so many faces. We too have great memories of the visit of Noelle and Macarena to Peru. Blessings in plenty.

  5. Good to be back with you all & catching up. Communication via wifi is surely a miracle! Wonderful to be able to see you
    All & familiar faces from Kenya, U.K, Ireland & Rome….& Peru & Spain. Thanks for inviting us all

    1. The Peace of Christ be with you all. It is really nice to see you all looking bright and attentive. Thank you for opening up the net to all members. Special gratitude to Gemma and Noelle for that short but inspiring clip on Mary Ward. Looking forward to more even as i keep you all in prayers. Have a lovely time together.Margaret Sewe

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