GC 2014

GC 14 Wed 17th Sept

Jesus said to the crowds…

Stillness filled the room during our faith sharing as it does every morning of our faith sharing. You could hear the rough mechanical working of the lawn machines. You could hear the building and outside activities waking up. Among us eyes closed and concentrating on whatever Jesus was saying to the crowds in our imagination, you could sense the rise and fall of group breathing and you could feel some holding on to their breathing. The breath of life…and before you know it the sharing begins.

Our discernment continues as we move into preparation the process of the election of the new leadership. Prayer, stillness and listening seemed to be at the centre of our deliberations.

Just before the morning Mass we learned of the death of Sr. Cathy Windle from the US Province. GC members grieve the loss of one of our own and we pray in faith that she is with Jesus in his promise of everlasting life.



3 thoughts on “GC 14 Wed 17th Sept”

  1. A wonderful use of the mass media, bringing to a new possibility our union of minds and hearts. Praying with gratitude to God for each one of you at GC 14. United with you in affectionate companionship. Caitriona (Kenya)

  2. What a gift to be connected to you all in prayer, spirit, and through this site. Thank you so much for keeping us updated and sharing the movement of the spirit in Spain. You are in our prayers as well. Thank you for remembering our beloved Sr. Cathy. Love you! Peace and Blessings, Christa (US Province)

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