GC 2014

The Calls of GC14

As we celebrate the formal closure of GC 2014 we are happy to share with you our Calls. After Institute-wide discernment and the discernment of the GC over the last several weeks, we feel inspired by the direction of the Spirit working in our midst. The Calls will be printed with accompanying actions and distributed in the very near future.   GC14


As Mary Ward companions moved by the person of Jesus and the needs of our world today we seek to:, discerning

Reclaim the freshness of the Gospel, allowing Jesus to transform our lives

Bring those forced to live in poverty to the centre of our life and ministry.

Go where the need is greatest

Live sustainably, discerning what is enough

Create the oneness that moves us across boundaries


Acknowledging vulnerability and fragility we turn to Jesus knowing that “…all we need we will find in Him.” (Mary Ward)


4 thoughts on “The Calls of GC14”

  1. Mile buiochas dhaoibh go leir. Many thanks to all. Thrilled and delighted at the simplicity and essence of the calls. Back to the centre -‘Parent of all parents and friend of all friends.’
    Enjoy a well earned rest and hopefully meet some tomorrow back at base. Moira- Ireland

    1. Thanks again for sharing with us all along and for all your hard work! Indeed the above calls encapsulate the core values of the Institute as well as expressing our willingness to continue in hope with what we’ve been called as an Institute. In short, there’s food for thought for all of us. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to continue to inspire us and to help us all so that we may all walk the talk, knowing that we are loved and forgiven disciples of Jesus! Love and prayers, Linda

  2. Many thanks for such a speedy sharing of the movement of God’s Splrlt during GC 2014. These calls are rooted deeply in Mary Ward’s dream for us all. May we embrace them wholeheartedly and move forward in hope and love for all that will be asked in our daily living. Many thanks for this wonderful journey that you have shared with all of us. God bless each one. Maire Mary Ward community EA

  3. Deep gratitude for all your work at GC 14. Delighted at the simplicity of the Calls – now we get down to living them! Best wishes to Marian and Council for the remaining months of their term – may they be blessed.
    Rionach. Irish Province.

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