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GC Friday 19th Sept

Mass of the Holy SpiritOn Friday 19th September, many of you will have joined us in celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful introduction to the next stage in our discernment process here at GC 14. The Readings were taken from Ephesians 4. 1-4; 11-16. Luke 11:33-36, 12: 49 and from Mary Ward’s own writings (The Just Soul. 1615). Barb Nelson’s Reflection was particularly inspiring. We are mindful of our Institute throughout the world, together with our co workers, families and friends and we appreciate the power of your prayer as our Delegates continue to discern the movement of the Spirit. The final prayer of the Mass reminds us of our desires at this time:

Spirit of God, giver of Life, moving between us and around us like wind or water or fire, breathe into us your freshness that we may awake. Cleanse our vision that we may see more clearly; kindle our senses that we may feel more sharply; and give us courage to live as you would have us live.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Mary Ward, St Ignatius and all the holy women and men who have gone before us.

Barb Nelson’s reflection Reflection Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Litany of the Holy Spirit (Richard Rohr) Litany of the Holy Spirit


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  1. Gathered here in St Omer we remember you especially now. Large Candle lit in Cathedral at Our Lady of Miracles shrine. Patricia, Maureen, Helen, Rosemary, Jane & Ron (Altrincham) Charlotte, Chris (St Mary’s Cantebury) Peter (Chorlton) Ann (Manchester) Magdalen, Bernadette and Angela

  2. This Sunday evening we are meeting , as a community, for special prayer before the Blessed Sacrament to implore the Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide you in your discernment for a new General and leadership team. Thank you for the lively reports. It is just great to see so many familiar faces and hear your news. I still marvel at the clear and easy to follow instructions on this web page that you have set up. United in love and prayer. Nuala (Msongari)

  3. The Peru Region send their prayers and congratulations to Noelle as she begins this new mission for the Institute.
    We will continue praying for you all in the days ahead.

    1. Congratulations to Noelle on her election. We continue to pray for you all as you continue with the remaining agenda. God bless you all.
      lucy Wambui Eastern Africa province

  4. Congratulations, Noelle! We, in the Indian Province, are with you in prayer as you so generously take up your new responsibility. We continue to pray for your new team of Consultors. Love and good wishes to you and all assembled there. Mary

    1. Loving and joyful greetings from us all in the Kirribilli Community! Congratulations, Noelle, gratitude for your generosity, and our promise of prayerful support for the future! We are delighted! On-going prayers now for the election of the Consultors. We all send our love: Noni Mitchell, Regina Cameron, Genevieve Davey, Anna Gaha, Claire Gardiner, Elizabeth Johnson, Yvonne Lamerand, Margaret Murphy, Pauline Prince, Mary Roarty, Margaret Armstrong, Frances Browne, Shirley Digges, Anne Anderson and Jan Barlow.

  5. Congratulations Noelle! May God bless you as you embark on the journey of leading us the next 8 years. And, yes, thanks too to the Irish Province.

    Pauline Macharia

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