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GC Tuesday 16th September

16th September marked Brenda Eagan’s Birthday, “Landing Day” for our sisters in North America and the 11th Anniversary of our Re Union as we sang “Happy Birthday” to Brenda and then to “US”.


Our singing quickly turned a serious note as we spent another day moving deeper into discernment question one. The symbol of the chambered nautilus, a soft bodied sea creature that has survived for more than 400 million years was presented to us. Like the nautilus, that builds a new and larger chamber and vacates the previous one, we were asked to discern…. what do we need to sift out? …what do we need to hold? ….what seems to be emerging? …what is new? We were all engaged as we honestly and faithfully wrestled with what seems to be the newest chamber.


The election process was also presented to us by the facilitators for our comments. However, the process will only begin on the 19th with the Mass of the Holy Spirit which will be live streamed for all.

We thank you for the support of your prayers.


8 thoughts on “GC Tuesday 16th September”

  1. Happy birthday Brenda. It is so good to be able to join you in your discernment although miles away in another country.

    Sept 19th will be a special day with the mass and the election process beginning…..you will be be deeply in my prayers…..full blast with the candle all day!!.

    Love froms Australia….


    My thoughts, prayers and best wishes to EVERYONE, as you continue the Congregation journey. You would be surprised to hear how often we stop in our tracks and think of you in Loyola. We are grateful for all your hard work, especially as you move towards the Elections. We will be closely united with you at the Mass of the Holy Spirit.
    Blessings and love
    Deirdre Australia

  3. Following you closely each day as we receive the communications, and praying constantly for each of you as you move into discernment process. Praying specially on 19th that the Holy Spirit will enlighten each one during these days so as to do best for the Institute and its mission to the world. Happy birthday Brenda! All in 77 St Stephen’s green, Dublin Berna

  4. We are praying for you all and taking a great interest in the proceedings. Sr. Betty Whyte reads out your report to me from her mobile phone each day as I can no longer see to read. We are happy to be in touch with you all .Colombiere, Loreto Msongari

  5. Thanks to the Leadership team team for their wonderful, kindly, caring and capable eight years. You are always in my prayers. Have a good long and much needed sabbatical now. Love Philippine Stamp (Loreto Msongari)

  6. The days are moving really quickly and you are well into the discernment. It is good to see the photos
    of each one and to sense our unity in diversity! May the next few days be fruitful and consoling as you
    struggle to find the way forward.
    To Marian and her team, thank you for a job well done, hopefully you will be able to have time to relax
    after the eight years.
    We are of course, with you in spirit and our prayers go with you. Love Jo and Martine (Partington)

    1. It has been wonderful to receive the daily reports and pictures.
      Thank you to all who are participating in the Congregation.
      Blessings as you enter more deeply into the discernment process.
      Love and prayers. Angela in Canada.

  7. What wonderful pictures!! Feliz Cumpleanos Hermana Brenda!! Feliz Aniversario to us!! What a special day! Thank you for the post. =) We keep praying for you and with you. Love, Christa (US Province)

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