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GC Update:Sunday 14th Sept

Yesterday we visited Javier, the birthplace of St. Francis Xavier. We toured the museum and his residence. Some attended Mass and others sat to pray in the chapel. All had time for a little peak in to history, some relaxation and at least one cup of tea.

Normal for us now, we reflected on the Gospel reading of the day, “For God so loved the world, that he gave only His son…” John 3:16 We humans are a stubborn lot and you’d think we would understand this love by now. This is love beyond our comprehension and so it takes making deliberate choices to hear those words and trust. We worked at that today.

 We worked at trusting the movement of the Spirit in the room today. There was intense listening and rearranging of our personal understanding. There was a lot of shifting and making attempts and succeeding at hearing one another. Picture it, seven tables of very different women in a relatively small space. We hunkered over material that we had studied over the last two years, the last months, weeks and days. We tried to get to the heart of the matter in our theological reflection around what is the most important direction for the Institute today.

We were hearing voices, not just of those sitting around the table in the moment but we were hearing the voices of the Institute and our companions sharing wisdom. Hearing voices, is that normal?

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Furthermore, there are no two faces alike in the room. There are no two identical perspectives. We are as diverse as you can get. Gathered like a little United Nations, we tried to speak the language of truth to build a future of hope in a reality that is lived in the love and the footsteps of Jesus. This work is easier said than done. So, we wrestled with the words, the feedback, the input to try to get to the heart of the  matter. I heard someone whisper, “this is like giving birth.” There is more of this to be done.

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8 thoughts on “GC Update:Sunday 14th Sept”

  1. I read your daily upgrades and am very aware of the gathering in Spain: this group meeting together in the name of us all. I add my thanks also to the out going Generalate Team who have provided us with such leadership over the last eight years. Thank you so much, each one. May the good spirit linger now with you all. – and with each one of us too. jrk

  2. I read and ponder your daily upgrades, and sense a great connection with all of you. We completed the 30 days retreat with our Novices in Mwangaza, an awesome experience for both the participants and guides. They left here today very aware of the graced week that you are now entering and promising special prayers and remembrance of all of you.
    A very warm message of gratiyude to Marian, Beatrice, Carmen, Barbara and Sandra. May God’s blessing come down on each of you!


  3. I thank my God each time I think of you – Marian – Carmen – Beatrice – Sandra – Barbara with much gratitude. Special thanks for KK’s brief, clear up-dating Documents. Enjoying colorful pics. Brenda, B’day Blessings …. And when we pray for ALL of you, we pray with joy – x angela x Kolkata

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