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GC video The Spirit makes us One

After the Mass of the Holy Spirit yesterday our assembly has settled into a slower and quieter pace for listening to the movement of the Spirit as we move into the period of election to leadership in the Institute. This is a profoundly important time in the General Congregation. We are deeply aware of the prayers of the wider IBVM community as well as co-workers, Associates, friends and family.

 Today our faith-sharing focused on the parable of the sower from Luke 8:4-15. We reflected on the significance of seeds landing in rocky soil, thorny soil or good rich soil. As we pondered the way that this Gospel is speaking to us, it was clear that the life struggle to be transformed by the Word is often a mystery. The transformation is not one and done. We are constantly sorting out and praying about how to persevere in the Word so that we might “embrace it with a generous and good heart…and bear fruit. “Together with the fire of the Holy Spirit we aim to persevere and become a beacon of hope for all God’s people.

 So, as the days of discernment and election continues, we depend on your prayers. The slide reflection depict our weeks and days leading up to these quieter days of prayer. We are praying for the grace to be of one voice and one people living in God’s grace that will ultimately bear good fruit and a mighty light for our world. God grant us this reality.

(The song: One Voice by the Wallin’Jennys accompany the slides.)

12 thoughts on “GC video The Spirit makes us One”

  1. Congratulations to Noelle on her election. Ireland’s loss will be the Institute’s gain! Thank you to all for your work on our behalf and especially as you discern for the leadership election. Our prayers are with you as you elect the General Council. Rionach Donlon.

  2. Congratulations to Noelle on her election. Thanks to all of you for listening to the Spirit of God in your discernment. We continue to pray for you all as you continue with the remaining agenda. God bless you all.
    lucy Wambui Eastern Africa province

  3. Congratulations Noelle from all of us in the Canadian Province back home. We thank you for your generosity. Be assured of our prayers as you continue the process of electing the leadership team and moving forward with the agenda.
    Love & prayers, Jeanine Glute

  4. Great video. Congratulations to you Noelle and may our Lord continue to inspire you all as you continue with the meeting. Veronica, Eastern Africa Province.

  5. We are so very grateful for the opportunity to walk every step of the journey with you. We truly are one voice one heart guided by one Spirit.

    Muchas Felicidades Noelle!!! Wonderful news!! We continue to be truly blessed with incredible leaders!!

    Being an IBVM ROCKS!!

  6. Congratulations Noelle on your election. As Rionach says above…Our lass, or loss even! is the Institute’s gain. We continue to pray as you discern who will be with her on the General Council. Therese Larkin, Irish Province.

  7. Congratulations Noelle on your election! Thanks for your generousity for accepting this leadership mantle.
    United with you all in prayer as the discernment process continues for General consultors.
    Anastasia kiriongi, Eastern Africa.

  8. Congratulations Noelle on your election and thank you for accepting the role of Leader. May you be richly blessed and inspired in the months and years ahead. Thanks to all gathered in Loyola for all your hard work and openness to the Spirit during these weeks of GC.
    United in Spirit and prayer, Pat, Zambia.

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