GC 2014

GC14 Friday 12th Sept

A day of thanksgivings

The day began with the entire delegation of Chapter members and support staff gathered together in St. Ignatius Conversion Chapel for the celebration of the feast of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Normally we have a choice to go to morning Mass or the evening Mass but because of the evening program the late option was not an option. All of us crammed into the sturdy wooden pews and the ancient wooden floor boards screamed under foot with the weight and presence of us. St. Ignatius had his moment in time five centuries ago.

We spent our usual time in faith-sharing around the words of the Gospel of Luke where we hear about the hypocrisy of finding the splinter in another person’s eye while not seeing the log in our own. So true to the human experience and yet Jesus calls us to be more human and more honest with ourselves. No doubt the sharing at table was powerful.

 Canada and Spain presented their Province Reports and it did not disappoint. The thing we recognized most about all these presentations was the sheer sameness of our gifts, challenges, and needs. The presentations today mixed humour, colour and animation in to the stark realities that face Religious women today. And we find ourselves in the thick of it. The same feedback format came by way of tweets.


The afternoon was intended for silent reflection on what we have seen and heard in the reports, presentations, input from the Institute wide consultation, the reflection questions and the insights stirring within each one after our time in faith-sharing and listening to one another in our Base and Consensus groups.

 The early evening session was the Ritual of Thanksgiving for the outgoing Institute Leaders Srs. Marian, Sandra, Barbara, Beatrice and Carmen. They stood in the midst of our meeting room while we showered them with blessings, prayers, songs, gifts and poems of thanks. The Irish Province coordinated the intensely moving ceremony of gratitude. A fly on the wall might say, “see how they love one another.”The celebration continued with a roof top social including all of our cultural antics: drumming, a little twist and shout, Irish jigging and a raised glass of red.

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Happy in Jesus: Blessed are the women who lead us with integrity, love and hope. Can’t ask for better than that!


4 thoughts on “GC14 Friday 12th Sept”

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us up to the date with GC 14. It makes all the difference to see you on screen and read the account day by day. One can almost ‘feel’ the emotional impact of the sessions and the sense of celebration is evident in symbolic ritual and expression.

    A very special ‘thank you’ to each of the outgoing leadership team: Marian, Sandra, Barbara, Beatrice and Carmen, for all you have been and done for the world-wide Institute over the past eight years, putting your own personal lives and ministries on hold in order to nurture our ‘union of minds and hearts’.

    My daily thoughts and prayers are with you all during these graced, discerning days and weeks.
    Love, Anne Kilroy (Belfast)

  2. What a great gathering! Continued gratitude to our General Leadership for their outstanding generosity, transparency and prayerful lifting of our spirits toward the future! Thank you!

  3. The sense of real connection with all at GC 2014 is real and affirming of the inclusiveness of each member of the Institute at what ever stage of Institute living we are at presently. It is underpinning the reality of our time being now. It is NOW that we live and move and have our being in Christ responding in his Father’s even now being created world.
    A very sincere thanks to each member of the General Council and to Marian who has responded fully to her particular call for the service of the Institute during the past 8 years.
    Kathleen FitzGerald

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