8 thoughts on “GC14 Mass of the Holy Spirit recording”

  1. Wow! What a celebration.I felt as if I was there. It was good to see so many faces I had met before and to
    put faces on others. I had a sense of being very close -Babs homily and the priests comments and asides all
    made it very reflective. I loved the way most people had a part and the colour, music, movement and
    display all touched the whole person! Thank you.
    May the Spirit truly guide and direct you in the coming days.
    With love and Prayers, Martine (Partington)

  2. What a wonderful celebration I was with you all the way.

    To have the means to be with you through IT connections is stunning ..especially for someone who hesitated for quite awhile accepting the iPad…now I am glad I didn’t hesitate too long. Thank you ..it is certainly a good start to inviting the Spirit to help us…….Cynthia (Australia)

  3. Thank you, it was good to see you and to hear Barbara’s words. May the coming days be filled with consolation as you elect leaders for all of us. The flute was lovely thank you Sarah. I liked that you received communion from Mary. Brenda’s leading of the responses was spirited. I joined you at the close to swing the music. All the best Liz ibvm Oz

  4. Aw it was just wonderful having the chance of being there with you. May God be with you in special in the following days and you know you will be supported by all IBVM sisters, friends and collegues with our humble prayers. All the best Blanca

  5. Dear Marion and all at the GC,

    The Abbey Community loved the Holy Spirit Mass. We watched on September 20 as a combined community of Abbey and Infirmary Sisters. We are praying for you all.

    Jeanne ibvm

  6. I watched this Sunday morning and I felt as though I were there. it was great seeing all the familiar faces I had met through the years. I was inspired by Barb’s reflection and enjoyed seeing the faces of our four. I was very proud of them. I pray for all of you in the days ahead that you may listen to the Spirit in your hearts and in each other. Thank you for the daily postings. It is the beginning of the sharing we will hear in October. My love and greetings to all. Jean Frye

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