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House of Prayer July – August 2021

The Deliberations that started the Jesuits…

In preparation for our CJ Pre‐GC Discernment Event and the special feast of St Ignatius of Loyola.After meeting for many sessions, there was a cleavage of sentiments and opinions about our situation. While we all had one mind and heart in seeking God’s gracious and perfect will according to the scope of our vocation; nevertheless, regarding the more readily effective and more fruitful ways of achieving God’s will for ourselves and others, we held diverse views.
No one ought to wonder that this diversity of views should be found among us, spiritually infirm and feeble; even the apostles themselves, princes and pillars of the most holy Church, sometimes thought in

opposing ways and handed down in writing their conflicting judgments. So also did many other very perfect ones with whom we cannot be remotely compared.

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