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House of Prayer March-April 2021

“Unbeknownst to these women, they were
making preparations, in the darkness of that
Sabbath, for “the dawn of the first day of the
week”, the day that would change history.

Jesus, like a seed buried in the ground, was about to make new life blossom in the world; and these women, by prayer and love, were helping to make that hope flower. How many people, in
these sad days, have done and are still doing what those women did, sowing seeds of hope!
With small gestures of care, affection and prayer […]

Jesus, come to me amid my fears and tell me too: Courage!” With you, Lord, we will be tested but not shaken. And, whatever sadness may dwell in us, we will be strengthened in hope, since with you the cross leads to the resurrection, because you are with us in the darkness of our nights; you are certainty amid our uncertainties, the word that speaks in our silence, and nothing can ever rob us of the love you have for us.” (Homily of Pope Francis, Easter Vigil 2020).

The March – April House of Prayer in English, in Spanish . Please do join us in prayer.

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