GC 2014

New General Leadership Consultors announced


¡Thanks be to God!

¡Alleluia Alleluia!

Joyful greetings from GC 14 where we are delighted to announce the names of our new General Leadership Consultors. We are very grateful to them for their commitment to this role in the Institute for the next eight years:

From left to right

Judith Nekesa (East African Province)

Brenda Eagan (USA Province)

Noelle Corscadden (Irish Province, Institute Leader)

Igora Pinto (Indian Province)

Macarena Fdez De Bobadilla (Spanish Province)


28 thoughts on “New General Leadership Consultors announced”

  1. Dear Noelle, Judith, Macarena, Igora and Brenda.
    Thank you all for your ‘Yes’ to lead us all for the next eight years. May the Holy Spirit continue to breath anew on our Institute and most importantly on each one of us. May we continue our mission together for God’s greater glory.
    Keeping you as well as those in the GC in our prayers. God bless you all. Linda

  2. Congratulations to Brenda, Igora, Judith & Macarena and thank you for accepting the role. Together with Noelle we are blessed to have such a fine team to lead the Institute for the next eight years. Be assured of my prayers and support. And thanks to all gathered in Loyola for allowing yourselves to be so inspired by the Spirit to bring this about, and for all of your hard work. United in Spirit. With love & prayers. Pat, Zambia

    1. Congratulations Noelle, Brenda, Igora, Judith and Macarena on your election to the new General Leadership team. We are in good hands! You have high standards to maintain from the previous team. No doubt you will do us proud! A very warm Irish welcome awaits you here in the Emerald Isle. Looking forward to your first official visit. Blessings in abundance. Eileen Linehan

  3. To each one of you . . . blessings for all that lies ahead and gratitude for the courage to say “yes” to Institute leadership. Loving good wishes, Maria Bierer (USA)

    1. As in the Mass of the Holy Spirit – Why not become fire? Loving and Joy-filled greetings to Noelle and our new Council members along with our gratitude and prayer. Your Sisters in the US Province

  4. Blessings on each one forming our new ibvm leadership and thank you for accepting this invitation to guide our Institute over the next eight years. Angela in Liege

  5. Congratulations to Judy, Brenda, Igora and Macarena on your election to the general leadership team. We are indeed very happy for each one of you. Be assured of our prayers and support always. Loreto Mombasa Community

  6. United in celebration and prayer for our new Leadership Team. We admired you in the photo as we prayed for you individually. God’s blesing be with you and all at GC. Bernie, Brigid, Jennie, Mary O’F and Veronica, the Apartments 77 St Stephen’s Green..

  7. Hongera! Congratulations! Judy, Maca, Brenda and Igora. Rejoicing with you and supporting you in prayers. Cry out with joy to God all the earth. Wamuyu – Eastern Africa Province

  8. Hi Noelle,Judy, Brenda, Igola , Macarena ,
    Thanks to you all for accepting to lead us for the next eigth years. May God shine His face upon you and grant you all the graces you need.
    To all GC members we thank you for allowing the spirit to guide and lead you. United in prayer.
    Obusi Community Ghana.

  9. Alleluia! Thanks be to God…. for the new Leadership team and to each one of you at Loyola for the discernment process.
    To Noelle, Igora, Macarena, Brenda and Judy we say: Hongera! Asanteni kwa ujasiri wenu!
    We unite with you in prayer. – Loreto House, Nairobi

  10. What welcome news this morning. I am happy with the election of all five and grateful to them for their generous “yes”. Let the fire continue and grow. Much love and prayers. Jean Frye (USA)

  11. Congratulations to Igora, Judit, Macarena and Brenda, thank you for accepting the role. Together with Noelle we are blessed to have such a fine team to lead the Institute for the next eight years. Be assured of our prayers and support. And thanks to all gathered in Loyola for allowing yourselves to be so inspired by the Spirit to bring this about, and for all of your hard work. United in Spirit. With love & prayers. Anne Y Deepa. Peru

  12. Loving congratulations, Noelle, Brenda, Macarena,Judith and Igora! What a fine team! We have been watching you in the videos and studying your profiles. Now you are very much in our prayers and we are grateful to you for your selfless commitment. Special greetings to you, Igora – We are indeed sorry to lose your presence from our Province but we accept the Institute’s need. Jesu Krist ki jai! Eileen, Irene and many more in Loreto House, Calcutta.

    1. Congratulations Judith, Brenda, Igora and Macarena! We all thank you for agreeing to lead us in the next stage of our Institute journey. Blessings on you, each and all, and assurance of our prayerful support. We all send our love. The Kirribilli Community.

  13. Congratulations Judy, Brenda, Noela, Igora and Macarena! Thanks for generously accepting to lead us all forward in the footsteps of Mary Ward and our Constitutions for the coming years. My prayers are with you all as you prepare for this new faith journey. One day at a time, dear Lord! Love Maire Eastern Africa

  14. Congratulations Noelle, Brenda, Judith, Igora and Macarena. Thank you for saying “yes” to leadership of the Institute to 2022! I know that all the members of the Australia, South East Asian Province join me in wishing you every blessing as you take up these important roles. We look forward to meeting you all in our part of the world in the future. We continue to pray with you in the work of GC2014 that is ahead.
    With our love Maria IBVM (Bongiorno)

  15. The community in Cullera, Madrid (Spain) wish you, Noelle, Judith, Igora, Macarena and Brenda all the best as you take up the roles assigned to you for the future leadership of our Institute over the next 8 years.
    May God bless each one of you with a prayerful discerning spirit , compassion, integrity and courage.

  16. This is the team that the Lord has chosen for us for the next years! we rejoice and are glad. be encouraged dear sisters, that you have what it takes to lead us, and we shall support you. blessings,
    Loreto Kangemi, Nairobi

  17. Dear Noelle, Brenda, Igora, Judith & Macarena,

    You are the Sound of ONE VOICE
    I AM SINGING the song with you REJOICING,
    From all over the World, together you are God’s gift to us. Thank you for saying ‘Yes’.
    May we all grow as the people of ONE VOICE. trusting only in Him.
    With lots of love Annie Bromham

  18. With joy and gratitude we say “Asante sana, Mungu awabariki Noelle, Judy, Igora, Brenda and Macarena”. Know you will never be alone; the Lord will be with you caring for you and guiding you along the eight years. Assuring you of our love and prayers. Loreto Msongari Community.

  19. May Noelle, Judith, Macarena and Brenda have a precious and wild life as a team, supporting ,caring, inspiring and challenging one another for the ‘Magis’.
    Enjoy the next few months wherever you will be.
    Prayerful thoughts for each,

  20. Congratulations to all and especially to Noelle, Judy, Igora, Macarena and Brenda
    ‘May the work fit the rhythms of your soul
    Enabling you to draw from the invisible
    new ideas and a vision that will inspire’
    John O Donohue..Blessings..for a new Position
    Stephanie E.A.

  21. 25TH SEPTEMBER 2014




    1. Noelle, Brenda, Macarena, Judith and Igora, we celebrate you in the Eastern Africa Province! HONGERENI! Congratulations on your election as our General Leadership for the next eight years. You are the fruit of the delegates’ discernment and the earnest prayers of all in the Institute. Thank you all for graciously accepting to take on this responsibility for all our sakes. May the good Lord bless you and grant you the graces of the office. United with you in prayer. Noela Makotsi,IBVM

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