Loreto International Schools’ Conference

Pretoria June 25th 2017

Opening Talk

Good afternoon (…. N)   and welcome to our International Schools   Conference 2017!  We are crossing boundaries and our gathering here is a gathering of representatives of Mary Ward Schools across the world!    We are very happy that this conference is representative of both Loreto/IBVM schools and our CJ schools!  So let me say again to all, Welcome to the Mary Ward International Schools conference! 

We welcome all gathered here from our CJ and IBVM schools around the world and we are hopeful and confident that this conference will be an expression of oneness,   within our Mary Ward Family and the beginning of a new way forward for our education ministry in our schools.  Thank you to Marcello and his team, to the principals and staff of our schools here in South Africa for the inspiration for this conference and for all your work in preparation and for your welcome and hospitality. (Sr Noelle Corscadden IBVM)…Read more

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Opening Address

From the delegates of the Education Conference South Africa

Presentations by

Bishop Kevin Dowling

Sr Cecilia O’Dwyer

Sr Gemma Simmonds

Dr Nonatdo Hadebe  Part 1     Part 2    Part 3