Weekly Gospel reflection from José Antonio Pagola  www.eclesalia.net 

 José Antonio Pagola.

In our Christian communities we need to live a new experience of Jesus, reviving our relationship with him. We need  to put    him decisively in the center of our life. We need to move from a Jesus confessed in a routine way, to a Jesus welcomed in a vital way. The Gospel of John gives us some important suggestions when it speaks of the relationship of the sheep with their Shepherd. Continue reading

We were delighted over 200 members joined the GC14 announcement meeting live on May 14th. To access a recording of the announcement meeting please click ‘listen now’ below.

The Gospel, radiant with the glory of Christ’s cross, constantly invites us to rejoice. Jesus promises his disciples You will be sorrowful but your sorrow will turn into joy. Wherever the disciples went in the early days there was great joy. Why should we not also enter into this great stream of joy?

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