Co-workersTo enlarge the scope and effectiveness of our ministries, we are committed to working with others in mutual cooperation and support. The interconnectedness of all beings must inspire and inform our living and actions, projects and practice.  Experience is teaching us that energy for mission is richer when we widen the space of our tents and include our colleagues in discerning current needs, planning the response, implementing and evaluating.

In every part of the Institute, members and co-workers are playing an important role and are deeply engaged in sharing mission within the Institute.  In many places they are pastoral care workers, teachers, support staff and education officers, development workers, treasurers, secretaries and archivists, carers and support staff of all kinds.

There are over one million past pupils of Mary Ward schools around the world.  Past Pupils/Alumnae associations are stronger in some countries than others. The Mary Ward values of freedom, justice, sincerity, joy, truth are foundational for many as they seek to make our world a better place for all.  Current students, with staff and parents continue to appreciate and nurture these values in their personal lives and in their generous outreach to those on the margins.

Volunteers, captured by Mary Ward’s charism and spirituality, join members of the Institute in many places to make known God’s love.

In some places colleagues and co-workers, past pupils and friends seek formal opportunities for commitment as Associates.