The Last Post!

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With hearts filled with gratitude we thank everybody for sharing in the GC2022 Communications.

As a paperless GC2022 (historic!) we are particularly proud of the Delegates and the support team for all that was accomplished.

We posted over 180 multiple-page documents to the website for approximately 60 people to download to their devices, saving 54,000 pages of paper from being printed.

The Institute Leadership Team also pledged to make an investment in ecologically sustainable projects to offset the carbon footprint of the delegates’ travel to the GC:

Approximate carbon footprint calculated by Comms Team member Nirmala

Finally, there were over 275 posts to the GC padlet over the course of the Congregation, indicating that we are growing in our technological comfort and ability to connect digitally across borders.

Thank for you following along with us on social media and this website throughout the General Congregation 2022. And a very special thank you to Susan Daily who has worked alongside us each day and has made this journey together not only beautiful but vibrant and joyful. It has been a privilege to serve you. the Mary Ward Family, as the IBVM GC Communications Team.