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Trust in God

José Antonio Pagola.

trustgod  The effort that theologians have made throughout the centuries to express the mystery of the Trinity in human concepts, barely helps today’s Christians to revive their trust in God the Father, reaffirm their attraction to Jesus the incarnate Son of God, and welcome with a living faith the presence of God’s Spirit within us.

That’s why it can be good to make an effort to come close to God’s mystery with simple words and with a humble heart, following closely the message, gestures and whole life of Jesus: the mystery of the Son of God incarnate.

The mystery of the Father is intimate love and continuous forgiveness. No one is excluded from the Father’s love, no one is denied the Father’s forgiveness. The Father loves us and seeks each one of his sons and daughters in paths that only the Father knows. He looks at each human being with infinite tenderness and profound compassion. That’s why Jesus always invokes him with a single word: “Father”.

Our first attitude before this Father must be trust. The final mystery of reality, what we believers call “God”, should never cause fear or anxiety: God can only love us. God knows our small and failing faith. We shouldn’t feel sad about our life, almost always so mediocre, or get discouraged when we discover that we’ve lived for years far from this Father. We can abandon ourselves to him with simplicity. Our mustard seed of faith is enough.

Jesus too invites us to trust. These are his words: “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God. Believe also in me.” Jesus is the spitting image of the Father. In his words we listen to what the Father tells us. In his gestures and his way of acting, completely given to make life more human, we discover how God loves us.

That’s why in Jesus we can meet in every situation with a God who is concrete, friend, close. He places peace in our lives. He makes us pass from fear to trust, from suspicion to a simple faith in the ultimate mystery of life that is Love alone.

To welcome the Spirit that breathes in the Father and in the Father’s Son Jesus, is to welcome in our very selves the invisible, silent, but real presence of God’s mystery. When we become conscious of this continuous presence, a new trust in God begins to awaken in us.

Our life is fragile, full of contradictions and uncertainty: whether we are believers or non-believers, we are surrounded by mystery. But the all too mysterious presence of the Spirit in us, though weak, is sufficient to sustain our trust in the ultimate Mystery of life that is Love alone.


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