Art and Faith with Madhu

March 10, 2024 Becoming One
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I am from the north east of India. I was working in administration in a school run by missionaries.  I was inspired and decided to join Religious Life. 

I have experienced many obstacles on this journey to join Religious Life. With God’s special call I was strengthened in my vocation and with God’s grace I am a Loreto Sister.

My hobbies are painting, dancing, acting and stitching.

When I was a Loreto candidate, I was encouraged to become aware of my interests and to develop my talents.  With the support of the Sisters, I completed a BA degree in Visual Arts in Kolkata.

When I paint, I express my feelings at that moment.  I am able to put depth into the art work before me and I am able to connect with the colours according to my feelings and emotions.

All artists have their own way and style according to their thoughts, feelings and creativity.  My paintings are an expression of my unique and God given imagination and style.

Now, I am happy sharing my talents/gifts as an artist with other women.  I help them to explore their own talents and as a result they acquire skills and are able to earn a living.  This is my mission.

I am grateful for all that God has given me and for the support given by Loreto. Recognising and living out God’s gifts is how I continue to return my love for God.