All For the Greater Glory of God


“Mission is at the heart of who we are, and love is the driving force that urges us on”

IBVM Constitutions, Vol. II (2.1)

Our call to be companions of Jesus is lived out in all that we do.  We dedicate our lives to mission with Jesus in our world, responding to its urgent needs, especially in education, social and spiritual ministry, and pastoral care. We have learned that mission is as much about receiving as it is about giving and together we often find ourselves building friendships and supporting others to become companions in mission.

The Institute as a whole seeks to discover where the greatest needs are and to respond with generosity. 

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The Ignatian tradition of discernment is essential to this quest which requires from each member an attitude of freedom and availability to go where she is sent and commit wholeheartedly to live the mission of Jesus entrusted to her.  

Sisters who are no longer able to actively participate in apostolic work, join in the mission of the Institute through their loving support and prayer.