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Susan Daily IBVM

I come from Australia and I am known for my religious graphic art, photography and silk drops.

Art has always been an integral part of my life. I have worked as an artist, teaching, and inspiring teachers in schools and parishes. I have developed books, CD-ROMs and websites as resources for others featuring my original works. A highlight of my ministry has been working in our First Nations Aboriginal communities and setting up art groups and supporting very gifted artists to have a career in the arts.

I passionately believe “a picture tells a thousand words”.  We all know an image that supports what is being said gives the message greater meaning and depth, today the use of emojis is a modern technological response to this notion.

My appointment as artist in residence at the General Congregation 2022 challenges me to listen and respond to all that happens In Manresa and sharing it visually.

The members from Anawim Arts are going to be on call to contribute images and photographs so that we can offer a variety of expression. We invite and welcome anyone who would like to contribute images, photographs, videos, music, songs and poems to send them to we would love to include them.

Susan Daily IBVM OAM 

Facebook: Susan Daily Art

Instagram: susan_daily_art

Pinterest: @susandaily545

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