Conclusion of the IBVM General Congregation 2022

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On October 27th the delegates to the General Congregation 2022 approved the final statement – the 2022 Calls – and ended the Congregation.

In her homily for the Closing Liturgy, Sister. Noelle Corscadden reminded us that,

“This is a time, but not just to say goodbye, it is a time to go forth and witness to what we have lived and experienced here at our General Congregation. In truth we have a lived a sacred, blessed and historic moment. We have lived this sacred time as a GC community here in Manresa for the last 3 and a half weeks, and as the global Mary Ward family who have followed proceedings and have prayed and supported us. Today we are different than we were on October 5th, today as delegates and as members of the Institute of the Blessed Mary we are different, we are all new.”

Recalling that we began our journey at the cave of Ignatius, we are being asked now to “go deeper into the cave of our hearts, to the cave of our Institute’s heart, to the cave of Mary Ward’s vocation and heart, to touch and experience God’s deep dream and desire for us, the deep longing for oneness that is ours.” Read the full homily below.

We invite all members of our Mary Ward family to read and to pray and dream with our 2022 Calls. Explore the image that accompanies the text, guided by the explanation from artist Sister Susan Daily and spiritual director and giver of the Spiritual Exercises, Sister Rachel McLoughlin. Notice what stirs within you.

We ask that you welcome us home, listen to our story, hear our experience with curiosity, with interest and that together we may experience the abundance of God’s graciousness in your lives.

Sister. Noelle Corscadden

We look forward to living these Calls together as we move towards Becoming One, guided by Sister Carmel Swords, Sister Natalie Houlihan, Sister Mary Kamotho, Sister Geraldine Moktan, and Sister Kate Myers.

Jesus say Amen!


Sister Carmel Swords thanked all our Sisters, friends, associates and family members, the worldwide Mary Ward family, who have followed the events of the GC through the website and have posted messages on the padlet. Most especially thanking all for praying for the delegates through the past few weeks…