IBVM General Congregation 2022

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“The mercies of the Lord I will sing forever”

Teresa Ball IBVM

The theme of GC ’22 is the profession motto of Frances Teresa Ball. The logo embodies the embrace and encounter of women who are also embracing our world. It is an expression of the journey of the Institute, celebrating what has been, what is, and what will be – and it reflects the union of our minds and hearts for mission.  

The GC ‘22 will give us an opportunity as IBVM to reflect back on our history and to look forward to union with the Congregation of Jesus. We look, too, to the current reality, which is emerging from a global pandemic, war, and violence, with a hope of recovery and renewal.

GC ‘22 will be a moment of synodality, of deep and attentive listening to one another and to the Spirit, to reflect and converse in our listening circles, to share experiences and truth, and to think and vision broadly across Institute boundaries. We all participate in this GC at local and province levels through prayer, conversation, listening, and regional and provincial congregations.

Good and gracious God,

enfolding our Covid stricken

yet precious world.

Pour out your renewing, recreating,

energising Spirit upon us.

Place us with Christ,

that we may be open to the cries

of our sisters and brothers in need

and alive to the fragile beauty of creation.

Draw us into an ever-deeper

union of minds and hearts

as we move towards

our General Congregation 2022.

Energise us to walk with Mary Ward,

as living witnesses of your faithful love,

singing forever the mercies of the Lord.

Mary Ward pray for us

and give us your spirit.


The General Congregation 2022 will be held in the Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Manresa, Spain