CJ England

July 29, 2022

In the United Kingdom can be found both the IBVM and the CJ Sisters.  The oldest religious house in England with continuous occupation is the Bar Convent in York, founded in 1686 by Frances Bedingfield, one of Mary Ward’s first companions. It was from here that the Irish branch of the Institute was begun by Frances Teresa Ball in 1821.

There are presently three CJ communities in England, one in Cambridge and two in York. Traditionally, the main ministry has been school- based teaching but now all our former schools have been handed over to the diocese or to lay trusts.  The sisters are now involved in a wide range of ministries; including giving the spiritual exercises and spiritual accompaniment, so encouraging and helping people in their search for God.  The training of adults in theology, working in safeguarding in the Catholic Church,  volunteering in schools and hospitals and social and pastoral ministries supporting justice and peace.

At the Bar Convent hundreds of visitors each year visit our chapel and the Heritage Centre, and many enjoy the hospitality of our bed and breakfast!

To learn more, go to: http://www.congregationofjesus.org.uk/



York Community on Union, December 2019.