IBVM Australia

July 29, 2022

It was 19th July 1875 when the story of Loreto began on Australian soil. It had taken 59 days by ship from Ireland for Mother Gonzaga Barry and her companions to arrive in Victoria, Australia. Since then, the Australian IBVM has grown. These days, their seven schools across the continent are mainly staffed by wonderful lay women and men; however, many of the Sisters are still involved through membership of Boards, participation in celebrations, conducting staff formation sessions and retreats, and past-pupil associations…

Sisters can be found in a range of ministries, including justice, development, education, spirituality, board membership, prison chaplaincy, canon law, creative arts, physiotherapy, and parish pastoral work, supporting all people to participate in society with dignity and equality.

Once a total of almost 300, they now number 80 active and retired Sisters who work in partnership with colleagues to create a more just world. They are spread thinly across four countries – Australia, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, and the Philippines.

For more information on the Loreto Sisters in Australia and South East Asia, visit their web.


Work with women and advocacy for refugees are two of the different ministries of IBVM sisters these days.