IBVM England

July 29, 2022

In the XIX century, the Irish famine had brought thousands of Irish men, women and children to the big cities in England in search of work and accommodation. As a result, the Loreto Branch of the Institute was requested to start a school in Manchester in 1851.  Mother Teresa Ball sent some sisters with Mother Anne Hickey as Superior. The initial years were very difficult, particularly as they faced hostility in the anti-Catholic neighbourhood.

Today, however, there are thriving schools in St Albans, Altrincham, Chorlton and the Sixth Form College in Manchester.  Another focus in the Region is the development of a Retreat Centre in North Wales.

Over the years, some Sisters have been on the Missions and other ministries have developed according to the needs of the time. The image encapsulates the varied works of the Region.

In response to the Courage to Move initiative in 2005 two sisters were missioned to Albania. More recently another, another Sister has been missioned to the Philippines.


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