IBVM Ghana

July 29, 2022

In Ghana there is a small IBVM presence, established by sisters from Kenya. On February 2005, four Loreto sisters from Kenya were sent to Obuasi, in Ghana, as part of the ‘Courage to Move’ mission. They are involved in running a primary school for girls which was owned by the Catholic Diocese of Obuasi, and in pastoral care.

The Loreto sisters arrived in Ghana on the 16th of February 2005 and undertook the management of the Presentation of Our Lady Girls’ School which had 18 girls in the nursery and four teachers.  In the last thirteen years, the school has grown from “grass to grace” as our girls would put it. The school’s population stands at 810 students at the moment from kindergarten to Junior High School (JHS).

The vision of the school is to empower the young girls to be people who are confident and free, people who fear God and are filled with the spirit. They are to be gracious in manner and be agents of social change in the society. They are to be people who can bring meaning into other peoples’ lives. We offer them a holistic education characterized by spiritual formation, academic excellence, character building and talent development. The motto of the school is “Truth will set you free”

The biggest challenge has been the school transport. Virtually all the students are picked and dropped at their various destinations by the school buses and these have been breaking down virtually every day. It is for this reason the management decided to acquire at least one new bus to ease the situation.

Ghana is part of the Loreto Eastern Africa Province.

Presentation of Our Lady Girls’ School, run by Loreto sisters in Ghana.