July 29, 2022

In 1880, an invitation was extended to sister Teresa Dease (then in Canada) to open a community of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Joliet, Illinois, and to begin a school there. In the course of time, Loretto provided staff for four parish schools in Joliet: St Mary’s, St Patrick’s, St. Bernard’s and Sacred Heart. After Mother Teresa’s death in 1889, the IBVM American Region continued to expand with the founding of new Academies in Chicago, Sault Ste. Marie and California.

Today, Loretto Sisters in the United States Province are serving in a variety of ministries beyond the classroom, working in various pastoral ministries and among the disadvantaged and marginalized. The Institute in the United States is now present in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

You can find more information about them in their website.


IBVM sisters and associates at general assembly, 2018.