Our Calls

The GC 2014 Calls are the fruits of a process of discernment with our whole Institute that culminated in September of 2014 with our last General Congregation. The whole Institute pays special attention to this expression of living more radically true to the Gospel of Jesus in the service of the people of our time.

As Mary Ward companions moved by the person of Jesus and the needs of our world today, we seek to:

Call 1: Reclaim the freshness of the Gospel, allowing Jesus to transform our lives.

Call 2: Bring those forced to live in poverty to the center of our life and ministry.

Call 3. Go where the need is greatest.

Call 4: Live sustainably discerning what is enough.

Call 5: Create the oneness that moves us across boundaries

Acknowledging vulnerability and fragility, we turn to Jesus knowing that ‘all we need we will find in him.

Mary Ward 1585-1645

This year in October 2022 we will hold our next General Congregation, an event that again engages the whole Institute where we continue the process of reviewing the Institute’s goals and priorities and make plans for the Institute’s future life and mission in the light of contemporary reality.