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Chris Burke, IBVM

Chris Burke IBVM draws our attention to Pope Francis’ most recent encyclical “Fratelli tutti” and writes.  Mary Ward’s ever extending ‘circle of friends’ knows that our global systems are not working well. Everything we hoped for at the turn of the millennium is increasingly fragile: peace, care for the poor, employment, health, the very earth on which we depend.

Pope Francis’ newest encyclical, which he wrote encouraged by Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, gathers together threads of the social justice message he has been announcing throughout his time as Pope. He challenges us to recognize the injustice of systems which support selfishness, greed, and exploitation of those who are “other”, a global homogenizing of cultures for the purpose of profit. A world-wide rethink of political, social and economic priorities is a tall order. The solution does not lie only with the powerful, but has to rise from a grass roots commitment to care, to reach out, to choose to be open to other faiths, other cultures, other nationalities, especially when, exhausted,  they arrive on our nation’s doorstep, begging for a new life after their experience of devastation and terror. We are one family: will we turn them away?

Do we dare respond? Are we the Levite or the person from Samaria?

A new style of leadership?  An openness to ways and cultures which are different? These resonate
with the steps IBVM/CJ are making towards union, as well as our desire to reach out across boundaries.  One first step is to encourage each other to read this admittedly long encyclical, and grapple with his ideas, to pray over them, allowing them to transform us so we can build a new culture. His view of our current situation is relentlessly honest, but also manages to instill hope that such a radical turn-around is possible. Many will have to take a flying leap over the first two words to reach the core of his message, but if change is to happen it will only happen when we integrate the heart of what Pope Francis is calling for and share it strongly with our own families, colleagues and friends. We can carry this prophetic word into our small worlds.   Let us encourage each other, as  ‘sorelle’  and ‘fratelli’,  to read it – to go beyond the title, which, for many, fails to carry the message of inclusion so strongly argued in the body of the text.

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Statement On Racial Injustice

June 15th 2020


The Mary Ward family, the Congregation of Jesus (CJ) and the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) join in prayer with the families and friends of victims of cruel and senseless killings.

We stand in solidarity with all those who have raised their voices against the injustice perpetrated on many in racially-motivated attacks. The deaths of George Floyd, 46 (Minneapolis, Minnesota); Ahmaud Arbery, 25 (Brunswick, Georgia) and Breonna Taylor, 26 (Louisville, Kentucky) are painful reminders in the recent past of senseless and irresponsible behaviour and attitudes in persons who should be trusted to keep the peace.

St. Irenaeus says: “The Glory of God is a human person fully alive” and we, the Mary Ward Family, work for the Glory of God and believe that all lives are sacred, irrespective of colour, race, creed, political affiliation, gender, or social status.

We commit to pray constantly:

  • For comfort and justice for all victims of racial discrimination, violence and injustice, and for their families
  • For an end to racism and all the injustices that come with it
  • To identify any tendencies, conscious and unconscious, in ourselves that could promoteracism
  • For the inclusion of everyone. Venerable Mary Ward, our Foundress, taught us that ‘God isrich enough for us all’
  • To promote the dignity of each human person.
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IBVM Artists Gathering

Together, together.
There’s a strength to be found in this circle of friends
who bear the name of Jesus deep in their hearts.
It’s the strength of our convictions, the energy we share
as being together, praying together.
We walk together in faith.

With these words and music by Deirdre Browne, we began our reunion of the IBVM Artists Gathering. On 15 May 2020 – one year after our initial gathering in Canada – over 15 participants from around the world, including two from the Generalate in Rome, gathered online to reconnect and celebrate the IBVM Arts Ministry. While we are restricted by social distancing from gathering in-person in our daily lives, gathering online afforded us the freedom to be together, to share and pray together, and to explore our creativity across the boundaries that currently separate us.

The Zoom gathering was facilitated by Sarah Rudolph, mercifully, without too many technical glitches. Jen Bromham led the opening prayer, allowing space for quiet and reflection. Clotilde de Maroussem invited us, many times, to raise our glasses in toast to one another. Deirdre Browne and Susan Daily presented The Open Circle video (below), a beautiful and inspiring reflection on the role of the arts during the coronavirus pandemic. Drawing on the inspiration of Mary Ward during times of plague in Europe, the video invited us to contemplate the role of artists during the coronavirus pandemic. We uncovered a need to engage the world through creative expression. Arlene Ashack gave an update on our collective achievements, in particular, the successful launch of the IBVM Arts Ministry and the showcasing of IBVM artists on the Anawim Arts website. The way forward continues to unfold as we look for ways to encourage the participation of more artists within our Institute and our networks.

Our gathering concluded with a communal creative activity – an art project developed by Annie Bromham and facilitated by Jen Bromham – that let us explore how we are personally moving through this pandemic time. We ended, as we begun, with prayer and contemplation on how we are one ‘circle of friends’ across boundaries; we are always ‘Together.’