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María Ward :  Una mujer llamada a “algo distinto”

Introducción De la Vida en pinturas (cuadro 21): “En 1609, en Londres cuando María acababa de hacer su meditación, le parecía que no la había hecho con bastante fervor. Para remediarlo, mientras se vestía, se propuso ayudar a una persona noble a entrar a una Orden religiosa procurándole la dote requerida. Continue reading

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Here is an… Continue reading

Dear Friends,

We would like to present to you the forth issue of Mary Ward Loreto Newsletter. In this newsletter you will find the latest news and events that took place since last newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading these… Continue reading

What does it mean to be a member of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary today? A reflection from our General Leadership team on their visits to the members of the Institute around the world.

A podcast from our sisters in Loreto Australia and South East Asia

Loreto Sr Trish Franklin was interviewed on the Ch 9 ‘This is your life’ program a few years ago. Her amazing story continues on this podcast, taking you… Continue reading

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