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GC Update Thursday 25th September

In today’s faith-sharing from the Gospel of Luke we hear that Herod is perplexed about this Jesus…he kept trying to see him. Perhaps Herod was threatened by Jesus’power?

The short passage called some to ask, “what makes me wonder about Jesus?” In trying to see Jesus or find Jesus, “what are we looking for?”

Now that the elections of the new leadership is over, we can turn back to formulating our goals for the next eight years. We worked in our “Base groups”on these “calls”or “directions” for the better part of the day. It was a wrestling act trying to find that “right”way forward in stating clearly what we have heard from the body.

Other conversations around issues such as “Human Trafficking”and other justice issues  were discussed before the end of the day’s work. One sister said, “somehow we feel more grounded in what we are asking the new leadership to do because we know who they are and now we must focus on what we’re calling them to do.”There was a lot of conversation, re-wording, negotiating and ultimately sending the fruits of our labour off to the writing group.

Keep the prayers coming.


 Guess who’s birthday it was today?   (Answer lies in the land of Aus)